Save the Human Rights Act

Our new government has pledged to scrap the Human Rights Act – a law protecting human rights in the UK. It ensures dignity and respect for all of us. You might not have used it, but it’s there if you need it.

If they get away with it, this could be the biggest rollback of human rights the UK has ever seen.

It looks like the government will announce the scrapping of the Human Rights Act in the Queen’s Speech next Wednesday. We can’t let them turn universal freedoms into privileges for a chosen few.

The next seven days are crucial.

This is what we’re going to do:

We want to place a double-page advert in The Times to show Justice Secretary Michael Gove that this country cares about human rights in the UK.

The Times is an influential newspaper, and Michael Gove – the person with the power to save the Act – used to write for it.

The ad will span two full pages and include your name, along with thousands of others, clearly printed on it.

Update – 20 May 2015: You did it! You bought a people-powered double-page advert in The Times. Now, we want to get your message further and wider.

We know there are tons more people out there who’d like to publicly pledge their support for the Human Rights Act, so now we’re trying to get an advert with more names in The Daily Telegraph.

It’ll mean we need a total of £25,000 of pledges to reach an even bigger readership.

Add your name and help fund the ad

We’re calling on all of you to help us fund this. There are lots of ways you can help, from a tenner to sign your name to funding your very own full page advert.

Pledge now and help us reach our new target of £25,000

We’ll print the names of everyone who contributes, although if you don’t want your name in print, you’re welcome to pledge anonymously.

It’ll look something like this…

Save the Human Rights Act

Please help us show Michael Gove that human rights matter

Why save the Human Rights Act?

Ordinary people across the world are still fighting for the rights we enjoy in the UK. From helping victims of domestic abuse, to protecting confidential communications between lawyers and their clients – the Human Rights Act helps us to fight injustice and incompetence in the UK and hold those in power to account.

It’s been used by rape survivors whose experiences haven’t been properly investigated by the police and disabled people whose right to dignity has been violated.

We must not let politicians take away these universal rights at the stroke of a pen.

Lend us your name now: help get Michael Gove’s attention