Save the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act helps us hold authorities to account when things go wrong. Becky’s mum died in the Hillsborough disaster and she’s been fighting for justice ever since. With the help of the Human Rights Act, she was finally able to expose the truth. But the government may still scrap the Act – help us save it.

Help save the Act

The Human Rights Act is still at risk. Don’t let the government turn universal freedoms into privileges for a chosen few. Call on the Justice Secretary to save the Human Rights Act.

Help us get to


After 27 years of fighting for justice, the Hillsborough families used the Human Rights Act to uncover the truth about how their loved ones died.

When 96 people lost their lives in a crush at Hillsborough football ground in 1989, the fans were blamed. The Human Rights Act enabled the families of those who died to tell their loved ones’ stories and to reveal the truth: that mistakes made by the police and others led to their deaths.

Peace in Northern Ireland

On Good Friday in 1998, something amazing happened. An agreement was signed that finally brought peace to Northern Ireland after 30 years of bitter conflict.

The Human Rights Act is at the core of that deal – it helped to build trust, integrity and reconciliation after three decades of bloodshed. Eighteen years on, the UK government is proposing to scrap the Act and risk destabilising peace.

People like you

Celia Peachey. Jan Sutton. Frank and Janet Robinson. The Human Rights Act gives ordinary people power and protection.

The Act helped Celia Peachey get justice for her mum Maria. It gave Jan Sutton the strength to fight for a better quality of life. And it enabled Frank and Janet Robinson to uncover the truth about why their son John died.

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