It’s just a week since we launched our campaign to protect the Human Rights Act and already almost 20,000 of you have already joined the fight – thank you.

Today we’ve been driving a huge, unmissable ad van around Westminster calling on all the party leaders to support the Act.

We’ve also placed full page ads across major newspapers and websites – so they really can’t ignore us.

Now help us keep up the pressure and show politicians that we won’t let them use our human rights as a political football.

Here’s what you can do right now:

1. Share: Spread the message online

We’ve created a set of graphics for you to share, so get posting! Share them with a link to our campaign – – and ask your friends to fight for their rights.






2. Change: Update your Facebook and Twitter header image

Save and upload this image to your Facebook and Twitter header.


3. Follow: Watch tonight’s debate with us @AmnestyUK

We’ll be keeping a close eye on what the leaders say and tweeting live. Tweet us with your thoughts and together we’ll get human rights in the online conversation.

And if you haven’t already – sign up!